Walletifai is a personal financial management app that intelligently detects bills and subscriptions and helps manage them on a daily basis.

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Walletifai logo



  • Brand design
  • Concept
  • Figma assets


Develop a distinct clean and minimal logo mark and other brand components consistent across different channels.


  1. Sketch and explore logo ideas;
  2. Develop the best idea;
  3. Pick brand colors and typography for the app, website and illustrations;
  4. Organize assets in Figma library.


March-April 2020


Figma, Sketch, pen and paper


Roya Kachooei (product manager, CEO)
Lubov Soltan (research, ideation, prototyping, user testing)


Logo Design

  • Logo mark concept/ideation
  • Primary logo


  • Considering restrictions
  • Style guide for the app
  • Style guide for web

Colour palette

  • Considering restrictions
  • Psychologial impact and message
  • Accessibility


  • llustrations
  • Icons
  • Marketing support


Double diamond design process

Quick idea brainstorming

Pen and paper are still unbeaten tools to translate ideas and concepts quickly into visual media.

I explored two ideas related to animal characters - a bird and a fox and one depicting a wallet, that also resembles a letter "W".

Team and founders left their feedback in Figma using comments directly on the designs to facilitate indepentent work, I also presented new ideas and explained symbolism where necessary.

Translating into digital

I used Sketch app to develop and iterate on previously sketched ideas.

At this stage designs are mid-fidelity, so it's easier to see if they work well in digital medium where they are intended to be used.

Minimal wallet shape wins

I presentinted designs to the stakeholders and after discussing plans, and brand strategy it was a collective decision to move forward with the wallet shape as the most relevant and versatile.

Double diamond design process
Double diamond design process

Details are important

High fidelity design requires some rules to be followed to ensure the logo mark is consistent and clean.

At this stage I created mockups to demonstrate what can be achieved by using this logo mark in different contexts.


Nunito font - balanced friendly choice

Rounded terminal sans serif is ideal for display typography. Perfect for readability at any screen or print size. These advantages contribute to building a trustworthy, friendly and accessible brand identity.

Perfect for the primary logo

I carefully kerned the letters to ensure visual balance and rhythm for large and small scales.

Accessible is a must

I started with the app typography style guide, which served as an example for creating a style website and marketingguide for the materials. I used WCAG guidelines and colour contrast analyzer tool to ensure the best possible experience for all users.

Typography on the website


Colour palette of Walletifai brand

Psychologial impact

Colour coding benefits from psychologial perseption of particular colour. Choice of complimentary blue and orange were deliberate:

  • Blue is a primary colour across all models of colour space. It often symbolizes reliability, stability, inspiration, calm and wisdom.
  • Orange is hhigh visibility and is often used to gain attention, it's close to red, which can signify a warning.


Hand drawn and stock illustrations

Most of the illustrations were sourced from stock websites, and some were created by me from scratch to illustrate some more complex ideas.

Icons add to the consistency

I created tab bar icons in a style similar to the round Nunito font for consistency. Category icons were sourced from stock website, but I ensured they are similar in visual style to existing ones.

Collaborating with growth team

As a part of the design team I collaborated with the growth team to help promote the brand. Created an array of templates and assets for social media platforms. Additionally I worked on newsletters and other promo materials.

Collateral for the brand