RE-BRANDING (volunteering)

Nutmeg provided free, fun, safe and quality soccer training and educational sessions for underserved children and youth in Toronto, while providing development opportunities for volunteers.

Nutmeg website
Double diamond design process



  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Print design
  • Marketing commitee member


  • Develop fresh new branding, but keep it recognizable;
  • Use original colors and fonts that stakeholders like.


  1. Competitor analysis;
  2. Sketching;
  3. Stakeholders design critique;
  4. Iterations;
  5. Finalizing design.


Affinity Designer, Sketch, Canva


Sarah Dickson
Serge Jerkezian
Nutmeg team
Lubov Soltan


Nutmeg logo paper sketches

Sketching on paper

I've done some competitor research and realized that non-profits are overwhelmingly lacking in the design department.

It was very important that Nutmeg gets a rebrand that would significantly improve brand's image across all channels to attract more children into their programs.

Stakeholders' critique

After discussing with stakeholders and concidering different visual directions we could take the new logo concept it was decided to include the player figure, the ball and the title.

Preserving legacy

At this point founding memebers and the team were attached to the nutmeg move in soccer to be depicted in the logo. I aldo explored some more abstract ideas, but none of them felt worth exploring.

Nutmeg logo digital sketches
Nutmeg logo digital sketches

Exploring abstract ideas

Nutmeg's message is powerful: sharing, community, diversity, friendship and education.

After many discussions, voting and listening to different opinions the team became open to a more abstract idea encompassing the most improtant values that Nutmeg represents.

Abstract = symbolic = versatile

These logomarks might look vaguely familiar, because they utilize common ideas of unity between people as a core concept.

After many iterations

Latest iterations were presented to the team and stakeholders as a mockups to allow them to see the designs in context.

Preparing final design

While preparing files for handoff, I concidered all cases and purposes that branding elements will be used:

  • Social media;
  • Presentation;

  • Apparel and other print materails.
Nutmeg logo digital sketches


New website look

I reviewed the website for consistency and helped ensure everything looks it's best and is accessible.

Training team to use canva is a good tool for marketing without need for any professional software, it's all in the browser and creating social media posts and posters from templates is easy.

To ensure consistency of the brand I uploaded logos in diffent colour variations, added fonts and colours.

Nutmeg Soccer vertical logo animation
Nutmeg Soccer horizontal logo animation
Nutmeg Soccer t-shirt design front
Nutmeg Soccer t-shirt design back
Nutmeg Soccer flyers
Nutmeg Soccer colour variations
Nutmeg Soccer colour variations


Contributing to a good cause

I'm glad I could give Nutmeg a contemporary visual identity that made it easier to reach new people.

Awesome team

People working at Nutmeg - brilliant dedicated professionals volunteering their skills to benefit others inspire to work and create together.