Project Description & Goals

My goal was to produce website layout and illustrations for pages with different type of content. This project interested me because I had an opportunity to develop the brand image further by creating illustrations that express what GAIDA is about.

Work Areas

Web Design (layout, colour scheme, graphics, typography)
Graphic Design

Gaida website home page

What is GAIDA? aims to make process of finding and buying a home seamless and efficient for both agents and buyers. Gaida is a bulgarian bagpipe. The word sounds like guide in English and is also a backronym: GAIDA = Guide in AI and Data Analytics.

See GAIDA Branding case study

Website layout

Relying heavily on rhythm of coloured sections and whitespace for scannability and information hierarchy.

Gaida website wireframe all pages


Gaida website all pages

Style Guide

Gaida website style guide


Each illustration represents a feature or explains how GAIDA's Machine Learning works.

Gaida website illustrations


Designer and Illustrator – Lubov Soltan
Product Manager – Nik Jordanov
Website developer – Boyan Bonev