Gaida is a real estate app that helps find a perfect match based on user searches using artificail intelligence and machine learning.

Shortly after this design was created Gaida has pivoted and changed it's name to

Gaida logo



  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Branding
  • Style guide
  • Digital design
  • Print design


Produce exciting, distinctive branding and stationery for a Bulgarian tech startup.


  1. Create the logo first;
  2. Choose colours and typography;
  3. Design digital assets;
  4. Design print assets.


April - June 2018


Inkscape, Sketch


Nik Jordanov (Product management)

Gaida team (Galina Jordanova, Alex Jordanov, Boyan Bonev)
Lubov Soltan (Design) logo

What is Gaida?

Gaida is a bulgarian bagpipe. The word sounds like guide in English and is also a backronym: GAIDA = Guide in AI and Data Analytics. aims to make process of finding and buying a home seamless and efficient for both agents and buyers.

" The AI Startup That Aims to Prevent Painful Memories of Buying Real Estate" on Trendingtopics

Ideation and Research

Glyphs in word GAIDA are a combination of round (G and D) and sharp triangular shapes (I and A). This is a nice finding since geometrical shapes can elicit emotions and feelings in the audience. I decided to explore this aspect in depth and analyzed some well-known logos.

logo research of round logos: spotify, lg, dell, pinterest

Circles, ovals and ellipses tend to project a positive emotional message such as community, friendship, love, relationships and unity. Curves tend to be viewed as feminine.

logo research of triangular logos: mitsubishi, reebok, google drive

Straight edged logo shapes such as squares and triangles suggest stability, balance, strength, efficiency and professionalism. These tend to be viewed as masculine attributes, so companies that have a masculine bias gravitate towards such forms in their logo marks.

logo research of mixed logos: audio technica, infinity, mercedes benz

Similar to these Gaida logo will combine both round and triangular of shapes, combining positive associations of both shapes.

"The psychology of logo shapes: A designer's guide" on creativebloq

First batch of sketches I created to get a feel of the shapes and ideas they could express.

Gaida first pen sketches

Moving to the Sketch App, creating higher fidelity visuals and iterated on first sketches and ideas.

higher fidelity sketches made in sketch app

Colour Scheme

Colour plays an important role in influencing perception of the brand. Psychological associations of colour were an important consideration when putting together the colour scheme. Following colours were chosen in accordance with Colour Theory (square colour harmony).

Primary colours:

Blue – trustworthy, loyal, logical, dependable, secure, strong, wise;
Dark gray – sophisticated, secure, powerful, elegant;

Secondary (supporting) colours:

Purple – wise, wealthy, spiritual, imaginative, sophisticated;
Red – powerful, passionate, energetic, exciting;
Yellow – optimistic, warm, happy, creative, intellectual;

Gaida colour scheme swatches

Constructing Logo Variations

I created a few variations of the logo for different purposes. Grid helps to make sure the icon is geometrically precise and rhythmically consistent across all variants of the logo; type on the other hand, was kerned and edited to look visually harmonious not mathematically due to how human eye perceives negative space, vertical and horizontal shapes.

Gaida primary, secondary and alternative logos with grid

Powered by Gaida Logo to be used in apps.

Gaida powered splash screen

Proper use of the logo

Examples of correct use of logo in colour and in black and white on different backgrounds and typography breakdown.

Gaida logo correct use

Onboarding animation for the Powered app.

Animation for onboarding
Animation for onboarding
Animation for onboarding


Business cards

I created fun and funky design similar to Gaida website style (I'll make sure to add a link to case study later).

Envelope and Letterhead
Minimal clean design that will not interfere with the contents of the letter.

Gaida stationery mockup
Gaida logo on a mug
Gaida logo on a white t-shirt

Gaida website GAIDA.AI

I created unique illustrations that represent Gaida's brand message. Read a case study about it.

Gaida website in a browser screenshot