DCD 2019 illustration

The Challenge

The main challenge was to look back on the branding I developed and updated in 2016-2018 and make a right strategic decision the direction of further brand evolution.

Free and non-profit Clojure conference organised by the community, for the community with a full day of amazing talks in a friendly welcoming atmosphere.​​​​​​​ It takes place annually in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Scope of Work

Branding Graphic Design
Visual Design

Dutch Clojure Days needed rebranding that would set it apart and convey professional  and welcoming message to the passionate Clojure community.


I decided to draw inspiration from the company name with the emphasis on Dutch  and Clojure programming language (it's symbol is lambda). Circular shapes elicit  the feeling of unity and strength. 

An alternative mark was also developed for  social media avatars where full logo won't fit.

DCD 2019 logo vs DCD 2018 logo
DCD 2019 logo construction


Color orange has royal roots in the Netherlands, now it symbolizes a broader pride  in the country and in being Dutch. It's known as Oranjegekte – Orange craze.

DCD 2019 colour scheme
DCD 2019 typography


The website needs to display the new brand elements while ensuring written content is the main focus.

DCD 2019 website

Sponsorship Prospectus

The event is free and getting sponsors onboard is crucial. Prospectus is simple, concise and can be printed.

DCD 2019 sponsorship prospectus


A5 format is small enough to be folded and put into your pocket during the event,  but has enough space to display all information concisely.

DCD 2019 brochure cover
DCD 2019 brochure spread
DCD 2019 badges design

Roll Up Banner and T-shirt

DCD 2019 roll up banner
DCD 2019 t-shirt design


DCD 2019 venue photos


Adding more personality to the brand based in a beautiful city of Amsterdam posed  a unique challenge: to capture both the charm of the location and modern tech nature  of the conference.

DCD 2019 animated illustration


Designer – Lubov Soltan
Organizers – Vijay Kiran, Carlo Sciolla, Joost Diepenmaat, Max Gonzih, Iulia Mastacaneanu

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